Bochur to Bochur

It is not easy for Bochurim to stay holy in today's difficult world. Yet unfortunately, this topic generally is not spoken about much publicly, and Bochurim usually end up thinking that they are alone in their struggles and cannot usually gather the courage to speak to anyone about it. This causes them to get depressed and think low of themselves, which often leads to even more falls, in a vicious cycle. It also leads to a yeridah in other areas of Avodas Hashem.

This letter (booklet) was written by a typical (yet special) Yeshiva Bochur learning in a typical Yeshiva. He had the same struggles as everyone else and Baruch Hashem has succeeded to grow through them and move on. In this important letter, he wanted to share with other Bochurim what he learned from his journey, to encourage them and share that they are not alone! He guides his peers to the right perspective and suggests a few simple tools, encouraging and ensuring them that they too can see tremendous Siyata Deshmaya and overcome this difficult struggle.

Although GYE has many eBooks and resources that deal with this topic, we feel that this particular letter is important because it is coming from one bochur to another, as opposed to being written by a mechanech or therapist who is coming from a different place.

  • Synopsis: A letter of encouragement from one bochur to another, regarding the great Kedusha struggles of our times.
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