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Another Guy Giving it a Shot
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Re: Another Guy Giving it a Shot 10 Dec 2010 13:59 #88704

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Getting YouTube out of my life

I used to love watching YouTube videos.  There are so many interesting and entertaining videos about anything you want out there.  Sometimes though, once you start watching one you just have to watch the next and the next.  This used to be a common occurrence for me and eventually I would start to seek the unclean ones, and the next and the next.  Fortunately, I recently filtered it so I wouldn’t be tested with this problem any longer.

This week I was reconsidering lifting this YouTube ban on my computer after receiving very entertaining and clean videos.  I even got a little embarrassed when I had to explain to my co-workers that I filtered YouTube off my computer.  It’s such an inconvenience to go to a colleague’s computer or wait until my wife is around to watch it on our home computer.  Then I was reminded of the one video that I watched on someone else’s computer that was filled with pritzus.  At the time I saw it, it was no big deal for me because I was with other people.  However, if I was alone and got bored (which I did that day) I would have surely started clicking for more and more unclean videos to keep me entertained.  I am thankful for seeing that video to remind myself that I can’t trust myself with YouTube!
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Re: Another Guy Giving it a Shot 10 Dec 2010 15:58 #88715

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congrats on getting youtube out!
i also used to sit like a zombie and watch one thing after another on youtube and inevitably there is always pritzus on it. i also constantly get emails with links but i am happy that i cannot watch them. it is a time-waster and full of poison. more power to you!
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