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Scientific studies show that it takes 90 days to break an addictive pattern in the mind. Start your own Log of your journey to 90 days! Post here to update us on your status and to give each other chizuk to stay strong!
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TOPIC: step by step 4019 Views

Re: step by step 09 Dec 2008 15:46 #1223

  • mdmjerusalem
WOW what an honor I meant the argument not the reward; however I am fortunate to obtain it.
Now about reaching 53 I don't have the count but according to your calculation the day is coming Thursday
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Re: step by step 10 Dec 2008 22:19 #1264

  • the.guard
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Since you keep finding bad posts, and since tomorrow is your 53rd day, I made you a global moderator of this forum! Mazal Tov!

You realize though, that is an Achrayus? No letting us down now :-)

You can now remove bad posts yourself, whenever they appear. But even more than that. You can now offer Chizuk to people on the forum as a "Global Moderator". That's a whole new level. People will respect your words now more! So take up the challenge to encourage others too! This is the best therapy for our own recovery as well :-)

Yasher Koach and keep up the good work!
Webmaster of www.guardyoureyes.org - Maintaining Moral Purity in Today's World. We’re here on a quest ; it’s really all a test. Just do your best and G-d will do the rest.
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Re: step by step 11 Dec 2008 00:50 #1268

  • Mevakesh Hashem
Mazel Tov! Its an honor to have you join our "global moderator" club!

Like Guard said, There aint no turning back now! You are a Tzaddik for the long run now!

Chazak V'Ematz!
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Re: step by step 09 Jan 2009 14:37 #1894

  • mdmjerusalem
to continue my story visit "OK I Will give it another try"
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