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Embarrassing things we all do and think
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TOPIC: Embarrassing things we all do and think 7275 Views

Re: Embarrassing things we all do and think 04 Jan 2022 06:44 #375496

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super strange looks when i belted in middle while trying to mouth (no idea why i even had to!) that i davened already 

Re: Embarrassing things we all do and think 19 Jun 2022 04:02 #382097

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I don’t understand this one (disclaimer: I’m a lefty)

Re: Embarrassing things we all do and think 19 Jun 2022 10:52 #382107

forgetting to take off your shluf kappel when you go to daven
Think about how good you'll feel if you say no to desire and compare that to how bad you'll feel if you say yes.

Desire is unique in the way that it is never fulfilled -  if you give in the desire comes back even more powerful in just a few days. Telling yourself that its ok because this is really the last time doesn't work because you are just adding new images to your head that will cause future falls.

The Joy of triumph over the yetzer hara is worth the effort it takes to win. It IS worth it! Keep fighting!

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Re: Embarrassing things we all do and think 13 Jul 2022 21:50 #383339

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I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but I am, hands-down, the most outstanding conductor of all time.

I mean, you should see me lead orchestras through symphonies, concertos, and operas (Nu! Kol Isha! Only the overtures...). I've conducted everything from the soft The Lark Ascending to the thunderous climax of Tchaikovsky's fifth (and the barely audible, despairing ending of his sixth).

(I do Jewish music too, but it's not the same...)

And get this, all this is done from my desk at work or behind the steering wheel.

It's gotta be quite a show to sit beside me in traffic. (Or to be my workmate.)
We get only one chance at life.
This is not a rehearsal; it's the real thing.

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Re: Embarrassing things we all do and think 29 Nov 2022 06:49 #388480

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Has anyone ever walked out of shul with the siddur they just used to daven? Or the sefer they just used to learn from?

Lol has happened to me many times!
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