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Guard your tongue = guard your brit
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Im Paga be’cha menuval zeh, mushchei'hu le- BEIS HAMEDRASH! This board is for divrei Torah relating to our struggle with the Yetzer Hara, from the entire spectrum of Tanach, Chazal, Mussar and Chassidus. On this board there will be no posts about personal struggles and no debates. Only TORAH CHIZUK.
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TOPIC: Guard your tongue = guard your brit 113 Views

Guard your tongue = guard your brit 17 Dec 2021 21:14 #375041

The Abir Yaakov is the grandfather of the Baba Sali and great grandfather of Rav David Abuchatzeira. Here's what he writes in regards to our struggle: 

"The rectification of the brit (lies in) pursuing peace (in) Yisrael...because the defilement...causes precious sparks of holiness to be scattered...To the degree that these parks are scattered, so too are the holy Jewish people scattered...As we work to gather the Jewish people back together in peace, love, and unity, so too does Hashem gather together the holy sparks that we scattered...and returns them to their holy source in Heaven. For this reason it is so important not to feed the disunity and strife that rages among us. Especially damaging in this regard are the sins of lashon hara. The brit of speech parallels the brit milah. We guard the brit of speech by refraining from lashon hara, thereby correcting the sins of brit milah...As a person struggles to improve himself in one area, he improves in the other as well." (Teachings of the Abir Yaakov Vol 2 Chapter 1 Page 19) 

I myself am studying the laws of shmirat halashon and I recommend it to all of you as well. The truth is so much we say thinking it's permissible is not actually permissible and actually lashon hara or rechilus. This came to my attention only after studying the hilchot lashon hara and it's something that concerned me greatly. Rabbi Avi Wissenfield on TorahAnytime, Rosh Yeshiva of Beit Dovid, has classes on hilchot lashon hara from Sefer Chofetz Chaim that are usually less than 10 minutes and I recommend watching them. Obviously this is a daily commitment sort of schedule but it's pretty manageable for me.  

(If somebody wrote about this before me, I didn't see and I'm sorry)
(Included is how to get WebChaver, or CovenantEyes, for free. Also included is Microsoft Family Safety and Apple Screentime to filter both computers and smartphones)  

Some may have trouble filtering their shared devices because of how they think the other users may view them, but you can get the filters discreetly without the filters affecting the other users at all and without their knowledge whatsoever, see the post for more details.

Others may not be able to filter their shared devices because the other users don't want to have their web browsing "unnecessarily" restricted but as stated above, the filters can be set so they don't affect the other users at all. In addition, the filtering solutions can be set to block nothing more than just p websites, and that should more than meet those other users' approval to get the filters for themselves on their accounts, see the post for more details.
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