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Small corona lesson
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Im Paga be’cha menuval zeh, mushchei'hu le- BEIS HAMEDRASH! This board is for divrei Torah relating to our struggle with the Yetzer Hara, from the entire spectrum of Tanach, Chazal, Mussar and Chassidus. On this board there will be no posts about personal struggles and no debates. Only TORAH CHIZUK.
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TOPIC: Small corona lesson 440 Views

Small corona lesson 26 Mar 2020 22:37 #348105

  • JD
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Last night I was thinking in bed what can I learn about this crazy disease. more specifically a disease that literally for some people is nothing at all and people don’t even know they have it, and for some people will be deadly r’l. That is a pretty crazy thing. 
Some people might’ve noticed or talked about this how it applies to our struggle because I think it’s pretty obvious. Most of us on this site, if not all of us, can not afford even a tiny tiny drop of lust, of looking were we shouldn’t, or thinking about that one stupid fantasy for a little longer. While some people might be able to see an image or a specific person and not think about it later (they shouldn’t see it either but if they do) but for us it could stick with us and ruin our day and much much more. Literally deadly. I know I can be going strong, having learnt in the morning bavli, yerushalmi, Shulchan Aruch, and that same day want to do the worst aveiros out there because of one image I let in that I shouldn’t have and it snowballs.  Someone else might see that same thing and move on with his day with no lasting impression. But we have to be even more diligent and careful. We have the “underlying conditions” and need to isolate more. 
Kol tuv

Re: Small corona lesson 27 Mar 2020 03:51 #348122

  • greenland55
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WOW that's quite something. I know many people who seem to have no issue walking around with unfiltered phones and such, have no appearance of being in any difficulty. For an old person with lung issues smooching a coronavirus patient is just an odd way to commit suicide (G-d forbid) even if it isn't for a kid, and for us sitting alone in a room with an unfiltered computer is deadly, even if it wouldn't be for somebody else who might spend the whole time on

Re: Small corona lesson 29 Mar 2020 19:26 #348162

  • DavidT
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There are two ways to change bad habits and break free of addictions. The first is to quit cold turkey: the person departs entirely from his unsatisfactory behavior at once. The other method involves gradual change. The person changes one kind of inappropriate behavior at a time until he escapes it completely.

Quitting cold turkey has its advantages. When done right, a person can leave entire addictions behind in a short time. He won’t need to maintain his attention and effort for nearly as long. Although at first he will need extreme willpower, he will quickly develop new habits and need even less willpower than a regular person. Once he gets through the initial difficult period and eases into a new way of life, it becomes much easier to control himself.

However, quitting in one shot requires much internal strength and willpower. It is best employed by someone with a clear, unstressed mind. (See Sefer Cheshbon Hanefesh, subsections 11-12.) Usually, it takes strong motivation for someone to make such a dramatic change and stick to it. Often, this method needs a life-changing experience that creates a sudden shift in perspective.

Feelings that can spark such a change include a surge of strong positive motivation and healthy ambition, or the guilt and clarity obtained from hitting  rock bottom. The most effective transformations combine both — the person is shaken up but is also excited to do something about it and become great.

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?"
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Re: Small corona lesson 22 Dec 2020 04:09 #359381

Good vort. I find with myself that I’ll be fine for long periods of time but all it takes is one image or immodestly dressed person and my mind is wandering in places it shouldn’t. We have to acknowledge that we who have been stuck for years have a predisposition to lust related imagery must be more vigilant than others. Shkoiach reb yid!!!
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